Storage Insurance

What is storage insurance?

Storage insurance provides cover for personal belongings when you keep your goods in a storage facility. It is normally a mandatory requirement when you use a storage facility, but there is a range of policy types you can choose from. Typically, storage insurance will cover your belongings from risks such as fire, flooding, theft, and more.

What does storage insurance cover?

Storage insurance covers both personal and business contents, and can include:

What exactly your policy covers, and to what amount, depends on the policy you purchase. We'd always recommend you check the exact details of your own policy to make sure you are covered for the items you are looking to store.

Why do I need storage insurance?

For many storage facilities, purchasing storage insurance is a mandatory requirement. This will ensure that you are covered in the event of unexpected events such as:

Having storage insurance in the event of your items being lost or stolen means your belongings will be replaced (at the insurer's discretion) - if you do not have storage insurance, you could be looking at a high financial cost to replace the belongings you stored.

Who offers storage unit insurance?

Many storage providers also offer insurance alongside their storage deals. However, these in-house insurance policies can be much more expensive than if you were to look at an online storage insurance provider. For this reason, we'd recommend looking for storage insurance online to make sure you are getting the best price for your policy.

What documentation do I need?

If you choose to purchase your storage insurance separately from your storage provider, you will need to provide them with some documentation detailing your insurance policy. This should include:

What perils I should look out for with storage insurance cover?

There are certain incidents that can occur when you store your belongings with a storage facility, and it's important to make sure these perils are covered with your storage insurance policy. Key things you should look out for include: recently performed a study on storage insurance prices compared with buying direct. It found on average are 3 times cheaper than buying insurance directly from your storage unit.

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