The Benefits of Self-Storage for Businesses

Written by Admin on 2018-12-22

Most businesses are faced at some point with the decision to either up-scale to accommodate growth, or to drastically scale down their operations to fit the space they are currently working from.
Self-storage can provide a third option: to securely, safely store items that otherwise take up valuable office space. If you’re not convinced, read on for the biggest benefits self-storage can offer to businesses.


Even in the modern-day ruled by online storage, most businesses still have an excess of paperwork and files that clutter up one corner of the office.
Paperwork such as contracts, taxes, and legal documents cannot simply be discarded, so placing them into a secure storage facility frees up the space in your office, while still keeping your documents safe and on-hand when needed.


For growing businesses, space is always a concern. Whether you’re bringing in more stock, or employing more staff in need of desk space, renting a storage unit will allow you to create more space in your office for what is really needed to help your business comfortably expand.

Parcel/Stock Storage

Are you an online retailer? Finding a secure space that is large enough to store your stock can be difficult, but self-storage makes this easier than ever.
Use your storage unit to store excess stock and free up space in your warehouse to focus on the products that you ship out on a regular basis. With most storage facilities open 24 hours a day, you’ll always be able to access your stock if you need it.


If you’ve decided to renovate your current workplace, rather than move to a new location, you’ll be familiar with the stress of clearing out office supplies, desks, chairs, and countless other items in order for the renovating to take place.
A storage unit provides the perfect solution, safely storing all of your office equipment while your workplace is transformed.
If you’re a business in need of more space, don’t assume that moving to a bigger location is your only option. You may find that renting out a storage unit near you is a far more suitable and cost effective solution to opening up more space within your current workspace - allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.

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