Moving House Guide: How to Have a Hassle-Free Move

Written by Admin on 2018-07-05

One of the most common reasons you are likely to need storage is due to moving home. Self-storage provides a convenient and hassle free solution to safely storing belongings you don’t need (or have a space for yet!) until you have settled into your new home.

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things a person can go through, so we’ve created this moving house guide filled with tips on ensuring your move goes off without a hitch…

Informing the Right Parties

When you’re moving house, there are a number of people you need to notify to ensure you still receive their services. It can feel overwhelming trying to remember every service provider you need to contact, so here is a list of the main parties you should inform of your move:
  • Council tax
  • Bank
  • Car registration
  • Mail
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Any magazine subscriptions
  • Income tax
  • Utility providers
  • Telephone and internet provider
  • Schools

Packing Tips

For a lot of people, there aren’t many things that are more stressful than packing up your life’s possessions into boxes only to then have to find a new home for each an every item in a new house.

Follow our packing tips below to make this process run easier:
  • Label all your boxes, and mark which room they should go in
  • Get wardrobe boxes with a hanging rail for your clothes
  • Dismantle large items of furniture and tape a plastic bag with the screws/hinges etc to one of the pieces
  • Get bubble wrap for your valuable items (don’t risk it!)
  • Start with the items you rarely use, and leave items that you need everyday until closer to the moving date
  • Don’t overload your boxes - especially if they are filled with heavier things like books

Essentials Box

Moving house is always a long day, and when you get to your new home in the evening the last thing you want to do is have to root through countless boxes for your nighttime essentials like pyjamas and the kettle to make a well-deserved cup of tea.

We recommend packing an ‘essentials’ box with all of those items you expect to need on your first night in your new home. This could include things like a kettle, tea bags, and some snacks, as well as bedding, pyjamas, toothbrushes etc. As for food, perhaps sticking with a take away for your first night is the best option!


If you are downsizing, or planning on renovating your new home shortly after moving in, finding a storage facility may be the best option to safely store your belongings until you need them.

Get a good idea of what rooms you will be renovating first, and what items you will not need immediately or have space for - if you know you want to keep them, renting out a storage unit is a great way of keeping them safe but out of sight until required.

On the Day

If you’ve followed the tips above, you should find that your moving day flows a lot smoother than you might have expected.

Be sure to keep your essentials box and all your important documents safe while your removals company are at work, and give your home a final check to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Then, when all is said and done, you can look forwards to enjoying your new home!

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