How Much Is Storage In The UK

Written by Admin on 2018-08-09

How Much Is Storage In The UK? When finding the right storage facility for you, there are a number of factors you need to consider: security, location, size, and, of course, price. If you are storing a lot of items, or planning on using storage for a long period of time, finding the best priced storage facility should be a top priority.

Here, we’ve covered the average cost of storage in the UK and a few additional costs and features to look out for when finding the right deal for you.

Costs per Sq. Ft.

Most storage providers base their costs per sq. ft., with prices increasing with the size of the units.

Typically, a 50 sq. ft. unit could cost from £28 for one week, while a 150 sq. ft. unit may cost closer in the region of £60 for one week. There are a number of factors that will change the price of your storage however, including your location in the UK (the North is typically cheaper than the South, with Central London being the most expensive of all), as well as the facilities of the storage centre itself.

It is best to get a few quotes from storage providers around your local area to find an average cost based on your location.


The cost of storage in the UK will vary depending on what features each particular storage facility has. It’s worth noting that the cheapest facility is not necessarily the best deal - you want a site that will keep your belongings safe after all.

A few features that may affect the cost of storage include:

  • CCTV
  • Manned security
  • Climate control
  • Individually alarmed units
  • Gated access
  • Smoke detectors/alarms

Long-Term Storage

The cost of storage will also differ depending on how long you expect to use the facility for. If you are just renting out a storage unit for one week, for example, you can expect to pay a higher per week cost than you would if you are renting a storage unit for 6 or even 12 months.

If you anticipate keeping your belongings in storage for an extended period of time, it is definitely worth asking the facility if they would be willing to negotiate a cheaper rate for your long-term requirements.

Special Offers

Finally, you can reduce the cost of storage with deals and offers from storage companies.

Many storage companies will have a package deal to entice more customers, such as 50% off for your first two months.

While these deals can be great at reducing the cost of storage, it’s also important to make sure the deal is relevant to your needs - if you get 50% off your first two months but have to sign up for six months, you might actually spend more money than if you were to just stick to a two month contract!

Additional Costs

Finally, there are some additional costs that can also affect the price of storage. These can include:

  • Deposits
  • Storage Insurance
  • Locks
  • Admin fees
Overall, the cost of storage in the UK can greatly differ depending on your location as well as on each individual facility. Don’t just go for the cheapest option - do you research on the quality of the facilities around you to ensure you’re getting the best deal while still storing your belongings in a safe facility.

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